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Zanesville Primrose Executive Director’s Passion for Work

Recently at our 2017 Executive Director Leadership Conference we were encouraged to “Find our Why.” My “why” is building relationships. It enriches the lives of our residents, employees, family members and myself. When you know your why it keeps you going, even on the tough days. It’s also essential that we encourage our team members… Read More »

Zanesville, OH, Primrose Named Primrose Community of the Year

Shala Steinman, Executive Director of Zanesville Primrose, accepts Community of the Year Award Primrose Retirement Communities, LLC Announces Zanesville, OH Primrose as Community of the Year ABERDEEN, SOUTH DAKOTA – Primrose Retirement Communities has named Zanesville as the Primrose Community of the Year. The announcement was made on Wednesday during the company’s annual Leadership Conference… Read More »