Residents Visit B-17 Bomber

By | May 25, 2010
Casper residents visit B-17 bomber

Residents visit B-17 bomber
(photo courtesy Wyoming Scenic Photos)

Residents and veterans of Primrose Retirement Community of Casper, Wyoming took a journey into the past to see the famous B-17 named “Liberty Bell.” This particular B-17 is one of only fourteen flying fortresses still in the air today.

Primrose of Casper Executive Director, Kenyne, chauffeured residents on the Primrose Van to the Natrona County International Airport.  For over two hours, residents were able to tour the airplane and listen to the many reflections of war from their friends and peers. After sharing a great cup of coffee with the pilots, the residents and Director made the return trip to Primrose, ready for adventure another day. 

To see such an exciting part of history was a great experience for those who made the trip. Some of the comments from those on the trip included :

“I thoroughly enjoyed a fieldtrip on the Primrose Bus to see the B-17 that landed at the Casper Airport. I had never seen a B-17 before or been this close to an airplane. I was able to tour the plane, spend time with friends, and get a great cup of coffee! The plane seemed so large, but there was so little space for all of the men to work in.”

“It was such a special day at the airport that the newspaper was there to follow the Primrose residents around. We had many veterans that joined us on this fieldtrip and it sure was a trip down memory lane for them. After several delightful hours, we returned to our lovely homes at Primrose,” said Freda Hoffman. Grethe Sikes added “It was such a great trip I enjoyed it so much. My husband Bill was a pilot on the B-17 he had told me many stories of his missions. So it brought back many memories. We just had a good time.”

At Primrose Retirement Communities, we provide an active, social lifestyle for our residents including opportunities such as this day trip to get out and experience a ‘living’ part of history that brings back many memories for some of our residents. To learn why our residents say “This Is Living!”, contact your nearest Primrose Retirement Community today.


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