Choosing the Right Long-Term Senior Living Options for Your Loved Ones

By | January 2, 2019

Adult child with parents

Making the decision to sell your home and move to a retirement community often leads to as many questions as it does answers. One of the most common inquiries we hear is, “If my health needs change, will I be able to stay at Primrose — or will I need to move to another community?” In this article, we will outline why it should be less of a concern in senior living today than in previous years.

Personalized Care, More Options

In the past, when a senior began to develop health problems, or when they would start losing their independence as they struggled with home maintenance and other daily activities, their options were limited. Basically, they could sell their home and live with family or move into a skilled nursing facility (nursing home).

Today, independent living, assisted living, and memory care options are also available — often under the same roof. Seniors have more appealing accommodations to choose from which can provide the personalized care they need in a spacious apartment that offers privacy, convenience, and security.

Eliminating Relocation Worries by Keeping Moving to a Minimum

Assisted living residents at Primrose enjoy all the benefits that come from person-centered care. Each individual is provided with assistance according to their unique needs, and many are pleasantly surprised at just how much care we can provide. As health needs change, we change right along with them, which helps make it possible for our residents to enjoy living at Primrose longer. They also pay significantly less money than they would to receive similar care in a skilled nursing facility.

There is Always a Way

It happens very infrequently, but if your health needs become more advanced than Primrose can accommodate, we can work with you to bring home health care professionals in. This allows you to remain in the comfort of your Primrose home and still receive the care you need.

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