Talking to your Loved Ones about Senior Living

By | June 13, 2018

Do you have loved ones who are struggling to maintain their independence at home? It may seem obvious to you that they need to consider a senior living environment for their own safety, but, it may not be so obvious to them. How, then, do you talk to them about your concerns in a serious but respectful way? Here are some tips.

Consider the setting, and stay positive

Be mindful of the appropriate place for a discussion. Is your loved one likely to be more at ease in their favorite restaurant or coffee shop, or is home the best place? When everyone is comfortable in their surroundings, the stage is set for a more productive discussion. Remember, too, that it is all about your loved ones. You obviously love them and want the best for them – but don’t forget to tell them that!

A Primrose employee visits with a resident about her family.

A Primrose employee visits with a resident about her family.

It is important to share your concerns and fears, and to do so in love. Give specific examples, like “you took the wrong medicine dosage twice last week,” or “lately, I’ve been over two or three times a week to help you out and I’m concerned what might happen if I am not here to answer your call the next time you need something.” This can be a difficult conversation to have, and your loved ones may react in one of several different ways:

  • They may deny that there is a problem.
  • They may become angry or confused about you questioning their ability to be independent.
  • They may accept the truth that they need help.
  • They may shut down and refuse to discuss the situation any further.

Regardless of the reaction, they need to know the truth, even if it may take some time for them to think things through.

Talk about solutions

Finding a resolution to the issue is more important than the issue itself. Talk with your loved ones about possible solutions that you can work on together. Remember, just like your concerns about their safety, they have their own concerns when it comes to moving out of a home they have lived in for so many decades. Share resources with them, online and in print. Have a no-pressure lunch at a local retirement community as an introduction to the world of senior living. Start slow, ask lots of questions, and be there to support your loved ones. In the end, you will be glad you did..

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