Seniors and Social Media

By | November 9, 2017

Capture One Catalog0135Many may believe that the world of social media is one that is exclusively inhabited by the younger generation.  The fact is, though, that many older adults have become frequent users of this technology. Social media helps keep them connected with loved ones and old friends, and it opens up a world of information they may never have had access to before.

Keeping friends and family close
It can be hard to stay in touch with family – especially when they don’t live close enough to visit frequently.  Fortunately, websites like Facebook and Skype can help to close the distance and make communication more personal than just a phone call. Facebook allows people to share photos and videos with one another, and Skype takes it a step further by making it possible to talk to friends and loved ones online with video. While being together in the same place will always be the best option, having internet access can make staying in touch – even from great distances – much more personal and enjoyable for everyone.

Meeting new people and staying informed
Older adults are also using social media to meet others with the same hobbies and interests as them. Sites like Facebook and Pinterest provide access to online communities devoted to thousands of di?erent areas of
interest – and they allow people to easily communicate and share new ideas with one another. Whether you are into recipes, arts and crafts, home improvement, movies, or sports – it is easy to find people to talk to. With age, the ability to remain social becomes more and more important – particularly for seniors living at home alone. Social media provides an outlet to the outside world and an opportunity to congregate with others without leaving your home.

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