Mansfield Primrose Resident Teaches Art

By | July 12, 2017

Jeane with one of her artistic creations

Jeane with one of her artistic creations

Jeane teaches art classes at Primrose, which take place twice a month. She has previously worked as a freelance commercial artist. She is always trying to get residents to participate and lets them know it requires no special talents or experience.

“You’d be surprised,” Jeane said. “Some of them have some real talent. They don’t really realize that, but I hope they stay with it because you never know. We start out on very simple projects that sometimes I think they wonder why are we doing this? But it’s about taking it in steps and doing perspective points and color schemes and shades and not about making beautiful pictures to start with. That comes later,” she added.

Jeane will be hosting an art show with her students’ work to be displayed in the fall.

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