Lancaster Primrose Celebrates Father’s Day

By | June 28, 2017

Senior resident enjoying Father's Day

Don with his sons Dave and Bob

On Father’s Day, we like to do “Doughnuts with Dad” in Lancaster to honor the fathers here at Primrose. We served different kinds of doughnuts along with coffee, and all who were in attendance had a nice time in fellowship with one another. They talked about what they did for a living, what branch of service they were in, and a couple of the fellas found out that they had a common interest in the McConnelsville, OH area.

We asked a couple of the residents what was the best part of being a dad was. Don stated that “the best part of being a dad is having children and the reward of spending time with them and sharing the same interests. There’s no better feeling than knowing your children have grown up to be great human beings.”

Joe stated that he likes it when his son invites them over to his house for dinner and he has a big smile on his face.

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