Celebrating Mother’s Day at Findlay Primrose

By | May 26, 2017

Resident Nancy’s Mother, Hazel

Resident Nancy’s Mother, Hazel

Findlay Resident Nancy has some wonderful memories of her mother, Hazel, who owned and operated “Hazel’s” restaurant in Carey, Ohio.

One of seven children, Nancy recalls that they moved several times throughout her childhood, but no matter how humble the structure of their residence, her mom always managed to make their house a home.

“She had great taste in decorating and our place always looked classy,” she said.

“And birthdays were always a special day for each of us,” she added.

This was a tradition carried down to the next generation, and her grandchildren always loved to visit Grandma Hazel.

Employee Celebrates with Mom

Pauline and Karen

Pauline and Karen

Assistant Executive Director Karen Barchent enjoyed having her own mother living at Primrose.

“She moved here in 2010 after being referred by resident Bud,” she said.

“She absolutely loved the apartment she shared with her tiger kitty, Jade. I got to visit her often since we live only a few miles from here, so when an office assistant job became available in 2014 I was happy to fill the position.”

Pauline lived in Apt. 103 until her death in 2015 and Karen will cherish those memories always.

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