Safety First – Prevent Those Falls!

By | May 22, 2017

_a_blg-FallPrevention There are many reasons a person loses their balance and falls. It may be simply bending over to pick up an object that has fallen on the floor, causing you to lose your balance and fall forward. Maybe you are attempting to reach something that you have placed on a bottom shelf, way in the back, so you must bend over to attempt to reach the item and fall hitting your head on the cabinet. That pretty throw rug you just purchased to keep your floors clean has caused you to slip and fall.

As we age our reflexes and sense of balance decreases, our bones become more fragile and we are at increased risk for fractures and head injuries. Let’s admit it, we don’t bounce like we used to! You can decrease your risk for falls. Re-arrange your furniture so you have clear pathways. Keep items used within reach, usually waist high. Wear non-slip footwear at all times. Sit on your bed or chair to dress yourself instead of standing. No throw rugs! Sit when reaching for an object instead of standing. If you use a cane or walker, do not let go of it until you are seated. And of course, don’t forget to ask for help.

Remember, if you do not feel safe doing something for yourself let a family member or a Primrose Staff member know. We are happy to assist you!

by Rene Kilgore, RN, DON

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