‘Tracker’ the Dog Familiar at Findlay Primrose

By | April 1, 2017

Tracker the dog obediently sitting before he receives his treat

Tracker obediently sitting before he receives his treat

The puppy had no name when Barbara and her husband brought the little beagle/basset mix home from the shelter. Since their house was in a wood along Lake Huron in Michigan, they didn’t see any problem with placing him on the ground when they exited the car that day. They had groceries to unload, and they thought perhaps he would like to investigate his new residence. He may have heard the gobble of wild turkeys that were common in the area, or maybe he was just excited to check the area out, but ZOOM! Nose to the ground, he was off like a light!

Their immediate thought was, so much for our new puppy! But about fifteen minutes later, curiosity satisfied, he appeared out of the woods having tracked his way back to his new home. He was quickly dubbed “Tracker,” a name that still fits him well!

Tracker had a bit of a weight problem when they first moved to Primrose. It began, Barb believes, while they were still living in Michigan. “Our home was in the country, and we rarely kept him tied,” she said. “He would go on these little mini-excursions, but always returned in fifteen minutes. It was like he had an internal clock that told him it was time to go home,” she laughed. And the weight gain? It seems he had discovered a nearby marina, where he was always happily greeted with a pat on the head and a cookie – the pounds began to stack up!

Eventually he developed diabetes, and does require insulin shots twice a day. Tracker is now eleven years old, and complications from this same disease has caused vision problems which has rendered him totally blind. This does not, however, deter him from finding his way to the reception office after his morning walk. Karen has a stash of doggie treats in her desk drawer, and Tracker soon learned exactly how to find her office. The trouble is, it takes all the might and strength of Cindy, the dog walker, to get him to retreat after receiving his snack, as he still has the strength of a young pup!

Barb joined the Primrose Family in 2012 and was delighted to learn that we are a pet-friendly community. “I would never have moved here without my Tracker!” she said, and we are very glad to have them both!

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