Findlay Primrose Resident Knits Caps for Needy

By | March 17, 2017

Primrose resident June knitting a cap

Primrose resident June knitting a cap

Sharon began knitting at about age 16 and is always looking for a project to keep her fingers busy. Several years ago she had an idea to make some hats for those undergoing radiation therapy. “I know that if I had lost my hair I would appreciate having a warm hat to wear,” she said. So for the past five years she has been donating about 15 knitted caps per month to the Radiation Treatment Center at Eastern Woods in Findlay.

The hats come in all shapes and sizes for men, women, and children alike. Among those she makes are striped, corrugated, plain, team colors, and pink for breast cancer patients.

Recently through a conversation with one of our new residents, Sharon learned that they had a common interest. “Why not start a knitting group?” she thought. So every Tuesday after lunch Sharon and June sit in the fireplace lounge and visit to the click-click of their knitting needles. They are having lots of fun and were recently joined by our Sales Director, Susan Gehring, who sat with them for a little while so she could get a hat started to work on at home. They are hoping that others will soon join them also!

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