Lancaster Primrose Pet Owners Celebrate Pets

By | March 8, 2017

Alice and her cat Petra

Primrose resident Alice and her calico mitten paw cat, Petra

We have dogs and cats from different breeds that reside with a few of our wonderful residents here at Primrose in Lancaster, Ohio. Louretta has a 23-year old cockapoo named Gizzy. Gizzy loves it when she is taken for rides on Louretta’s electric scooter. Louretta said that when she came for a tour, one of the first questions she asked was, “Do you take pets?” We told her that we were pet friendly, and she later told us that she would have never moved in if we were not.

Alice Hughes has a 12-year-old calico mitten paw cat named Petra. She and her late husband found Petra at a gas station. Alice’s husband stated, “She needs a history, how about Petra?” That is how she got her name. Alice also said that Primrose being pet friendly was one of many reasons she chose Primrose.

Rita Fischer has a cat named Izzy. Rita states that Izzy adopted her and that she loves that cat like she was her own child. She says that Primrose being pet friendly made a big difference in choosing to move here.

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