‘Project Skills’ at Work in Sioux Falls Primrose

By | March 7, 2017

Tommee and Lou

Tommee and Lou

Project Skills is a paid work experience program for high school students with disabilities in South Dakota. The program is a cooperative arrangement between the state vocational rehabilitation agencies and the local school districts. Project Skills provides students the opportunity to learn different skills in a variety of job placements with the assistance of a job coach.

Project Skills will help to build a student’s work history, references, and help them move into different and better jobs as they mature and are ready to take on new challenges. Sioux Falls Primrose Life Enrichment Coordinator Lou Clarey is a job coach for Tommee Morrison, who is a junior at Harrisburg High School in Harrisburg, SD. Tommee lives in Sioux Falls with her mom and dad, and you will see her assisting Lou with lots of different things during her spring semester. Her favorite part of school are the field trips because she likes to learn new things. She likes to visit with the residents and assist them in any way she can. Tommee is a great person and she is making lots of friends. Welcome, Tommee, to the Primrose family!

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