Zanesville Primrose Focus on Importance of Senior Activities

By | February 22, 2017

resident enjoying activities

A Primrose resident enjoying one of our many activities

The Importance of senior activities cannot be underestimated. They are not just for entertainment, filling up the hours to prevent boredom or just a way to keep people busy. They are also for the healthy maintenance of the body, mind, and spirit which may get neglected from issues as we age. Keeping our minds active, just as with our bodies, keeps our “mental muscles” strong. We at Primrose of Zanesville offer an exercise class three days a week called Exercise Your Mind, Body & Spirit!

A few of our mental muscles are reason, imagination, and memory – and there are ways to exercise them all. The brain renew itself, especially the hippocampus area that affects memory. This is helped with mental activity and memory exercise. Brain activity needs to be stimulated to keep our brains healthy and memories strong. Exercising our mental muscles with fun yet challenging senior activities will help with this.

Depression can evolve by having nothing to look forward to participating in. From having music entertainment, to playing dominoes and cards or spending an hour discussing various topics as a group – activities offer much variety.

Providing daily senior activities helps keep folks busy and helps engage the mind. This is crucial with the senior population who consistently say that keeping a positive attitude, staying busy, engaging the mind are some of the most important things to them.

Tammy Grayson, Life Enrichment Coordinator, is passionate about providing our senior population with happy and healthy living environment by providing great activities for seniors.

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