Decatur Primrose Residents Share Thanksgiving Scenarios

By | November 15, 2016

Jim McClarey and his wife Jane

Jim McClarey and his wife Jane

I invite you to look at three brief scenarios for celebrating Thanksgiving:

Number 1: Columnist Erma Bombeck once described a Thanksgiving event in which she received no help from anyone. When she had everything ready, she called for everyone to come to the table. When they were seated, she stepped forward with the baked turkey, threw it into the air, and as it was falling to the center of the table, the men and boys rose instantly from their seats, devoured it in mid-air, and returned to watching the featured holiday football contest. Though this is a caricature, it makes its point.

Number 2: As people arrive, they discuss such things as the weather, by what route or means of transportation they took to come to the celebration, the latest fashions, and the way the world is being run. If there are Clergy present, they are asked to offer grace.

Number 3: New people are introduced, including those who had nowhere to go for the Holidays, and everyone is asked to name something for which they are thankful, after which prayer is offered in thankfulness for God’s blessings. Hope for the future is lifted up, as well as the desire to remember in word and deed those who face Thanksgiving Day in great need. Appreciation is expressed for all who have sacrificed in any way to move our nation in the right direction.

In Christ’s love, Jim McClarey

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