Mansfield Primrose Residents Share Advice on What’s Important

By | November 4, 2016

Mansfield Primrose residents

What matters to you as you get older?

When you look back at your life, what will have mattered most to you? We all must deal with competing priorities, which is why learning how to deal with them skillfully is so worthwhile. “Tell me what is important to you”. It’s a tough question. Most of us have a lengthy list of people, projects, and priorities that matter to us. It’s fine to care a lot about a lot of things — family, friends, partnerships, work, community, creative pursuits, causes. But it’s also essential to recognize that you can’t focus on more than one or two big areas at any given time. And you can’t really accomplish more than one task in any given moment.

We asked the people who live at Primrose to share their wisdom with us and we are so pleased to introduce our “Words from the Wise”. Through these interviews with residents, we celebrate their lifetime of experience and the joy that’s possible at every stage of life. Words from the wise gives Primrose residents center stage as they share their insight on advice for young people. These seniors speak from the heart as they share what really matters.

Ed Powell: “Giving my wife a diamond on my 21st birthday was what mattered the most to me in my life. As far as advice to younger people would be don’t waste your resources, always save for the future ahead of you”.

Betty Ungerer: “My family is what matters most to me”. and “Young people need to stay off drugs, that’s a big one lately”.

John Alexander: “I think what matters most is that you are happy in anything you do. Being happy in your job is a big one too, you should live life day to day, you never know if you will get up the next morning”.

Loretta Amick: “What matters most to me is that making sure my family is happy and healthy, and keep in touch with family and friends along the way and be true to yourself”.

Joann Sunnucks: “What matters most to me is to stay healthy and wise”.

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