The Right Place at the Right Time

By | October 23, 2016

Argus Leader contractor, Alfred

Argus Leader contractor, Alfred

He is described by the leadership in distribution of the Argus Leader as a solid contractor, with many years of service, and has been a great delivery person for our community and resident newspaper subscribers, always courteous, always kind. On a recent Monday morning, Alfred delivered the papers to his customers in one of the wings of our community, but realized he needed the assistance of our nursing staff.

He started to make his way down the hall, walking very slowly, and he was hunched over in pain. It was right at the shift change in our community and 2 of the nurses saw him coming down the hall and went to him asking if he was alright and he collapsed into their arms. He said he felt heaviness in his chest, and that he had a history of blood clots. The nurses called 911 for an ambulance and then asked him for the name of a family member they could call to alert them to the situation. They called his daughter and Alfred was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Within the hour, an email was sent to the distribution center of the Argus Leader by our staff and Alfred’s managers were alerted to the situation, and went to the hospital immediately to be with him. His daughter had committed to finish his deliveries that morning.

Later that day, we received notification that Alfred did have a blood clot, and it had been in his heart. He arrived at the emergency room and had been admitted, swiftly treated, and miraculously, was going to be discharged in another 24 hours. A thank you from the Manager in the Distribution Center and a remark that he was in the “right place at the right time.”
The next morning, our resident council met and one of the ladies asked if we had heard how the delivery man from the Argus was? I gladly reported that he had been treated at Sanford and was going to be able to go home soon, and shared the Distribution Manager’s remark that he had been at the “right place at the right time.” I am grateful that I work in a place that has an observant and professional staff, and such caring residents. I also believe that our healthcare systems in Sioux Falls are “first class” with cutting edge technology. I am certain that many of them were praying that morning for Alfred, and a positive outcome for his trip to the emergency room in an ambulance. Two days after the event, Alfred was back to making deliveries of newspapers, grateful to our nursing staff for their attention and intervention.

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