Zanesville Primrose Enjoys Day at Beach

By | September 16, 2016

Enjoying a day at the beach – Primrose style

Enjoying a day at the beach – Primrose style

Feet in the sand, a dip in the pool, flip flops, seashells, and breezy dresses. Nothing beats a day at the beach! What could be better than relaxing with a cool drink and good eats under a beach umbrella? Zanesville Primrose took a detour from the everyday routine and laid out a summer retreat at our own beach house. Tables covered with brown butcher’s paper had coral, sea blue, and pink flower center pieces.

When the beach-goers arrived for lunch, they colored and drew on the table coverings and enjoyed blowing bubbles just for fun. Laughter mingled with the Latin flavored music in the background. There were colorful napkins and goldfish crackers for snacking. The “sand dollar” cookies and cotton candy were supposed to be saved for dessert. But who doesn’t enjoy the best first anyway?

Raspberry Italian ices really cannot take the place of a cold beer or a strawberry daiquiri, but everyone liked the idea of bubbly drink. The leis and flowery attire the servers all adorned added to the festive atmosphere (there were even some flowers in our hair). Baked honey chicken, rosemary red potatoes, and corn on the cob slathered in butter made the beach bake a smash hit!

Sending off summer with food and friends makes for memories shared. A glow inside comes from kind hearts and full stomachs. We all had such fun!

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