Popsicle Stick Artist at Findlay Primrose

By | September 9, 2016

Primrose resident Dave with one of his popsicle stick creations

Primrose resident Dave with one of his popsicle stick creations

As a retired shop and vocational agriculture teacher, Dave is good with his hands and likes to keep busy. Tired of working simple jigsaw puzzles, he had a brainstorm one day when one of his grandchildren gave him some popsicle sticks. Why not build a replica of the home where he and his wife raised their family?

So he set to work, painstakingly gluing each stick and placing them “just so” in order to create a miniature version of their farmhouse. At first he tried to keep it simple, but the more he worked on his project, the more detailed it became. As seen in the picture the house comes complete with porch railing, shutters, and flower boxes!

Once finished with the house, which took him approximately one week, Dave decided to build the barn that also sat on their property. An American flag adorns the roof of this bright red building.

Dave’s family loves his miniature homestead, as it brings back fond memories of living on the farm! The fact that it is all custom built makes it extra special because “Dad/Grandpa/Great Grandpa” made it with his own hands!

Dave has since built an airplane with larger popsicle sticks and hopes to build more creations in the near future.

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