Paws for Primrose

By | September 7, 2016

Primrose residents and staff donation check

Primrose residents and staff donation check

Primrose Retirement Community, of Mansfield, Ohio wanted to help our local Humane Society of Richland county who was in dire straits of closing their doors due to financial issues. “We heard about the Humane Society’s financial problems and wanted to help,” said Angela Gardner, the Life Enrichment coordinator at Primrose.

Primrose has challenged other local businesses to conduct their own fund-raisers because the Humane Society provides an important service to the community and it relies completely upon donations to operate.

“We know funds collected won’t be enough but we hope more people participate and contribute around the county to give the Humane Society time to figure out its future, “Angela said. “The dogs, cats, puppies and kittens, and other animals are counting on all of us,” she added.

We want to congratulate the warm hearts and giving spirit of the Primrose residents, family, staff, and visitors that participated in the Paws for Primrose event to help raise funds and items in order to help keep their doors open. Primrose raised $1,184 along with items that were needed to use in the facility such as cleaning supplies, food, litter etc.

Residents made it an outing to visit the facility and grant them their money and supplies. Residents also got to interact with the cats and kittens with one residents being very interested in adopting a cute orange kitty cat.

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