Standing Strong as a Nation on 9/11

By | September 11, 2016

Jim McClarey and his wife Jane

Jim McClarey and his wife Jane

We have heard the phrase “We’ve got to do our best” a lot lately. We’ve heard it from the athletes at the Olympic Games and, locally, from the excited players on the re-organized University of Illinois Football team. It brings back memories of an old Christian hymn titled: “Give of your best to the Master.” Also, in both cases we see people of all kinds of backgrounds pulling together.

Sunday, September 11th is Patriots Day. Let us all take a moment to remember those that perished that day. Please remember the families that lost their loved ones. Remember the firefighters, police, military, and the people that gave their life to help others. We are a country that suffered deeply – right to the center of its heart – during the attacks on 9/11. America grew not only in strength but in patriotism. There is evil in this world that can break you to your core, but the good news is that there is a Greater Being that rules and wins in the end. Stay focused on the Lord. Stand firm against the enemy for the Lord our God will protect us. We must follow Him so He will not turn His back on us. Let us not need to have another 9/11 horrendous act occur in order to bring America to its knees again. Let us follow Him now before it is too late. Psalm 33:12 says blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord!

Written by Jim McClarey Decatur Primrose Resident

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