Anderson Primrose Residents Let ‘Inner’ Artist Out

By | August 22, 2016

Anderson residents showing off their artwork

Anderson Primrose residents showing off their artwork

We at Primrose of Anderson like to be creative, laugh, joke, and come up with new things we can try. For our latest project, we decided to get a canvas, some paint, and some balloons! We filled balloons full of different paint colors, tacked the balloons to the canvas, and threw a dart at them. The balloons would then explode with color all over the canvas. This created a mix of different splatters of paint and colors.

One of the residents even went and finger painted part of hers just so she could add even more flare to it. By the end we had paint all over our hands, clothes, and the gazebo area! The laughter we all got to enjoy with each other over paint and canvas will be a moment we won’t forget. After it was all done and cleaned up (as best we could) they thanked and hugged staff. We are currently planning a place in the life enrichment lounge to hang them up, so everyone can enjoy the artwork that we created.

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