Getting Creative at Pueblo Primrose Retirement Community

By | July 27, 2016

Primrose residents exercising creative abilities

The ladies are getting all set up for ‘canvas and painting’

With all the warm weather here in Pueblo, we have been taking advantage of our beautiful courtyard and enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine. Primrose of Pueblo had our very own “Canvas & Coolers.” Event recently. Our residents got together one delightful afternoon and they enjoyed painting and chatting away with each other and also refreshed themselves with wine coolers. We then designated a wall for our resident artists that we hung the canvas’ on.

We also are pretty keen on our “Paint & Plant” project. Everyone gets a clay pot and a saucer to paint and then they get to decorate it however they wish. We had several colors and different designs they could choose from. Once the paint is dry, soil and a flower get planted and each resident gets to take their pot and saucer to their apartment and take joy in knowing they made it! Painting is something we all enjoy doing together. It’s fascinating seeing how different everyone’s final piece turns out.

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