Celebrating National Friendship Day at Sioux Falls Primrose

By | July 22, 2016

Ralph and Cletus, Primrose residents

Ralph Scoular & Cletus Schuttloffel

National Friendship Day is the first Sunday in August, and no matter how old you are, a friend can be one of life’s greatest gifts. Over the past few months at Primrose Retirement Community of Sioux Falls, a more significant friendship has developed between two gentlemen in our community.

Ralph Scoular and Cletus Schuttloffel both lost their wives in the past few months and have demonstrated a sense of camaraderie in adjusting to their new lives. They eat their meals together in the dining room and sit in the lobby by the fireplace after breakfast to discuss news items of note that they read about in the newspaper or otherwise absorb in the media. They are also both veterans of the United States Military. Ralph was a navigator for the Air Corps and Cletus delivered ammunition in the Naval Air Corps. They were both caretakers for their wives and feel the void of losing that very unique relationship in their lives. They are frequently on opposite sides of a political issue but are very respectful of each other and admit that “sometimes we just don’t choose to discuss politics.”

When asked what they value most about a friend, they both agreed that being able to be honest and share interests are the most important foundations of a good friendship. They like doing “small town” things like going out for a drive in the community to check out new stores that have opened. They also like to occasionally share a meal in Ralph’s apartment and go out to the store to buy provisions together. One of the men is Catholic, the other Methodist, one was a business owner and the other worked full time at Morrell’s as well as farming evenings and weekends. Both men are grateful for the opportunity to live in a place where they can share a sense of community with other residents every day.

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