Craft Day at Mankato Primrose

By | July 21, 2016

Mankato Primrose residents with potted plants

Marilyn, Mary Ann and Irene showing off their beautiful potted plants!

“Bloom where you’re planted!” Here at the Primrose of Mankato, each resident is encouraged to bloom and grow each and every day. This past month the residents were able to participate in a craft day! We hand painted flower pots and then picked from a selection of beautiful flowers to plant. Each resident had a different design on their pot – some were decorated for the fourth of July, others had stripes, flowers, polka dots, and other fun designs! Everyone’s creative juices were flowing and the pots turned out unique and beautiful.

Once the pots were dry, we spent an afternoon planting the flowers. It was fun to decide which plant would look best with the colors of the hand painted pots. Once the pots and flowers were complete, everyone was able to take their plant back to their apartment to enjoy. The residents had a great time during this activity, it brought back memories of their old gardens and flowers, it also gave us a chance to make wonderful new memories and enjoy each others company.

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