Findlay Primrose Resident Dick Myers Busy Baking

By | July 15, 2016

Richard with delectable creation

Richard with delectable creation

Richard and Audrey had been married just one-day shy of 67 years when Audrey passed away in March of this year. To keep busy, Richard likes to visit with his Primrose friends and be creative in the kitchen. He is pretty much self-taught in this area, but he did learn a lot from Audrey over the years. When her health began to decline it became apparent that he would eventually need to be not only the Caregiver, but also the cook. By watching her techniques, he caught on rather quickly. “She was a very good teacher,” he said. They had one child born to them, Cindy, whom they lost to cancer in 2011.

June brings sunshine and warm weather, and with it seasonal fruit. This month Richard has made several strawberry pies. He doesn’t buy pre-made pie shells or commercial strawberry glaze, though. He cleans and cuts fresh strawberries and makes everything from scratch. He has found that using vegetable oil in place of shortening makes the best tasting crust. For the filling he simply uses water, sugar, cornstarch and a few tablespoons of strawberry Jell-O. His recipes must have been successful, because they were quickly consumed when he shared them with his Primrose friends. There is nothing like the taste of homemade treats!

We are all looking forward to Richard sharing more of his kitchen creations with us!

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