Decatur Primrose: Creating a Welcoming Environment – Part 1

By | June 28, 2016

Primrose residents extend warm welcome to newcomers

New resident Archie Beals extends a warm gesture of welcome to fellow newcomers Sue Waeltz and Adair Huss at the New Resident Welcome Reception. All three new residents decided to move to Primrose during the summer months.

Have you ever stopped to think what it means to be welcomed? “Welcome” is a verb that means: to accept gladly, bid welcome to; greet upon arrival or receive someone, as into one’s house. Let’s pause for a moment to consider the ways in which we welcome company into our homes. Do you treat them as visitors or honored guests? Do you have expressions of welcome; greetings, rituals or gestures which are used to communicate hospitality?

In many European traditions, bread and salt are a welcome greeting. When important, admired or respected guests arrive, they are given a loaf of bread placed on an embroidered towel with salt. Many times this is delivered by a young woman in traditional costume.

In the Japanese culture, the word Omotenashi means “to entertain guests wholeheartedly.” You will notice this form of hospitality being expressed in all aspects of Japanese life. When you enter a department store, every staff member bows as you enter and taxi drivers make sure to open and close doors for passengers. At the core of Omotenashi is to anticipate the needs of your guests, and to take pride in doing so. This concept is based on a proverb similar to the idea of “the customer is always right,” and the translation in Japanese is “the customer is god.”

At Primrose, we take pride in welcoming new residents into our family. We have the honor and privilege to care for them as our loved ones. We know that creating a welcoming atmosphere is crucial to helping a resident ease into their new lifestyle. Each month, we mark this transition with a welcome reception, which provides an opportunity for residents and staff to officially welcome our newest residents. Cookies are dipped in conversation, similar to the tradition of bread and salt. An exchange of welcome begins, and residents feel a sense of belonging to their new community.

We welcome you to our Primrose community and are glad that you are here. To experience our hospitality first hand, please contact our Sales Director, Kate Stankovic at 217-619-0290. We would love to have you as our honored guest.

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