Mankato Primrose has ‘Bake and Take’ Cookies

By | June 4, 2016

Mankato residents enjoying baking some cookies together

Mankato residents enjoying baking some cookies together

Every month Primrose in Mankato has a “Bake and Take Cookie” activity with our Sales Director, Karen. Each month we decide on something new to bake, sometimes we coordinate the recipe with the nearest holiday or event happening, some months we use recipes from residents and their recipe books. This month the residents made lemon sugar cookies and they were delicious! Each resident makes about a dozen cookies, and then they are able to take them home. The residents love to be able to take them home, one resident said, “Now I have some cookies for when my Grandkids come!” This activity allows those who love to bake the opportunity to do so! It also is a great opportunity for our residents to swap and exchange recipes. The residents love baking, the smells bring back memories and they can share those memories with others. Every month the residents look forward to this activity, it is definitely a tradition we will keep.

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