Findlay Primrose’s Resident Photographer: Salvatore Brancaleone

By | May 17, 2016
Salvatore Brancaleone with his photo 'Corrupt City'

Brancaleone, with his photo, “Corrupt City”

Gardiner Greene Hubbard, the founder and first president of National Geographic magazine, once said, “If it is a great picture, why change it”? Salvatore “Sam” Brancaleone, who recently moved to Primrose Retirement Community of Findlay, couldn’t agree more. When describing Sam’s photography, the word typical wouldn’t likely be an adjective used in the same sentence.

“My work is general, realistic photography,” Sam said in a recent interview. “Posed family portraits are nice but I prefer candid shots of people interacting with each other. For instance, I once took a picture of a burning gas station and the firemen who were commended for their swift actions,” he said. “Another time I observed an Angus cow standing in a pool of water on a hot July day.” An average person would not find this thought provoking, but Sam articulated that “Both pictures were symbolic and very exciting to capture!”

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Sam has always had a fascination with photo journalism, and enjoyed the photos in The Detroit Free Press. He began experimenting with his own photography in 1972 after a family member gave him a 35mm camera. He soon discovered that he had a niche for capturing shots at just the precise moment. He then would come up with a caption and a story for the picture.

Over the years he has frequented art shows and displayed his work to those who share his interests. His work was shown at Henry Ford Hospital Clinic where it remained for a number of weeks in an art display.

In 2014 he moved to Findlay and got acquainted with employees of “Experience Works” in Bowling Green, Ohio. Soon he was working four days a week as a curator at the Findlay Art League where he remains employed. Sam is very much a people person and truly enjoys greeting guests there, conducting tours, attending the art shows, and being responsible for opening and closing the business.

Sam is very thankful for his brother, Jim Brancaleone, whom he credits for motivating him to pursue his art.

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