Shawnee Primrose Residents Interviewed by Students

By | May 9, 2016

Primrose resident Flora McKee with students

Christian Family Academy Students with Flora McKee

Students from Christian Family Academy visited Primrose to interview residents for a report they are each writing about the Great Depression and WWII. Four Primrose residents participated in the interviews. The students questioned each resident in their apartment and the interviews lasted from 30-45 minutes.

98-year-old Flora McKee, born and raised in Oklahoma, informed the students of how her family survived the Great Depression. Growing up in a farming community, she stated that families helped each other out the best they could by sharing their produce and goods. She also told of the frightening and devastating dust storms that she and her family experienced during the depression.

Bill Askin, 92 of Denver, CO, is a new resident to Shawnee Primrose. He was eager to share his experiences in the Navy during WWII as a Yeoman, First Class. He was even able to show the students his Navy uniform that has kept hanging in his closet all these years. Although, he joked about not being able to model it for them!

Leon and Leona Rogers of Shawnee, each told separate stories of the depression and WWII. Leon is an Army Veteran who received two Purple Hearts for his service in Europe during WWII. He does not glorify his time in the Army, but informed the students of the realities of war and stated that “the real heroes are the ones that did not return home”.

The students made new friends during their visit to Primrose as well as gathered valuable information on two historic events from those who were actually there for the experience. We are so blessed to have these folks, all in their nineties, with us at Primrose!

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