Decatur Primrose Resident Shares Thoughts

By | May 8, 2016

Jim and Kay McClarey - Primrose residents

Jim and Kay McClarey Primrose Residents and Pastoral Services

Someone once said that God could not be everywhere so He created mothers. That is not entirely true. God can be and is indeed everywhere. But, He does use each of us who are willing to make His presence known. It is imperative that each one of us remember every single person we meet is created in God’s image and is to be treated as God would treat that person — no matter what their job, station in life, race, age, mental acuity (or whatever) is, they are to be respected and treated kindly.

Jesus said that God loves and knows each one, even to numbering the hairs on our head. (Matthew. 10:30) Good to remember in our relationships.

Written by: Kay McClarey – Resident

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