Mishawaka Primrose Resident’s Military Service Guided Life

By | May 6, 2016

Nole Walters -Veteran

Nole Walters -Veteran

When Mishawaka Primrose resident Nole Walters joined the Navy he was 18 years old and had no idea that joining the service would impact him for the rest of his life.

“Being in the service prepared me for life in so many ways. You learn to take orders, follow instructions. You learn to give orders if you become an officer like I did. I learned a trade and as a result had a good career that supported my family,” Nole said.

Nole enrolled in the Navy and then finished college at Ball State University in Muncie, IN before going to officer’s candidate school. He taught at a Naval Academy prep school, helping 163 men learn to become officers. Nole also served on a cargo ship taking supplies to Guantanamo Bay and then on an aircraft carrier off the west coast. He was a weapons officer leading a division of 30 people who were responsible for the inspection and maintenance of bombs and explosives. Nole was in the Navy from 1948-1968 and served in active duty for nine of those years.

After leaving the service, Nole took a job at Bendix in Mishawaka. He had been surprised to find his expertise in bombs was just what they were looking for. “They were supplying the government with the type of equipment I had been working with and so it was a perfect fit,” he said. After a few years Nole and three partners started Trinetics – a company that manufactures parts for companies like General Electric. He eventually became the sole owner and ran it himself for 30 years. It still exists today.

Nole says that being in the service was a great experience and he realizes the ways it enriched his life. “I think everybody out to go into the service. It’s just a great experience,” he said.

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