Living it up at Marion Primrose

By | May 5, 2016

Nancy Reep volunteering in the dining room

Nancy Reep volunteering in the dining room

Nancy Reep likes keeping busy. A resident of Primrose of Marion since June 2014, she has volunteered for a number of things – from sitting with residents so families could go shopping or out to dinner to keeping residents apprised of the daily activities by helping Life Enrichment Coordinator Brenda by changing the daily activities notice on the dining room tables each day.

“I like being busy and helping people,” Reep said. “I like doing things for different people. I just like people and keeping busy keeps my mind going.”
The move from their rural home to Primrose came about as her late husband, Larry, came weekly to visit a friend, Sam Chapman, who was a respite resident for six months. She said he went home and told Nancy she had to go with him for the next visit with Sam to see the retirement community.

“That did it,” Nancy said. “Larry said ‘we’re moving there’ and we did. Unfortunately, Larry only lived in the community six months before he was called home to heaven. He loved it here and participated in everything and so do I.”

Nancy immediately joined the Primrose Ringers hand bell choir. “I absolutely love the bells,” she said. “We have such a good time together and get to travel to different places to play. We’ve become a pretty tight knit group.”

In addition to the bells, Nancy enjoys two weekly activities that call for brain power – Brain Ticklers and Koffee Klatch with Brenda. “She (Brenda) gives us descriptions of history, states, nursery rhymes and more on Tuesdays and then on Fridays at Koffee Klatch brings up a topic from former years and everyone chimes in with their experiences. It makes us think and we learn a lot about each other at the same time.”

Hearing other residents say there is nothing to do upsets Nancy. “Our calendar has a variety of activities available every day. If you put yourself out, yes, this is living!!”

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