A ‘Family Affair’ at Zanesville Primrose

By | May 4, 2016

Peggy Dinan with her sister Lucy

Peggy Dinan (left) with her sister Lucy

After spending most of her adult life living and working in Cleveland, my sister Lucy had planned on ending her years there. But six years ago, she fell and fractured a hip and since then has been unable to drive. Having married late in life, and she had no children of her own but “adopted” each and every niece and nephew that came along always remembering them and other family members on every special occasion.

We were a family of seven siblings with Lucy having been No. 3 and me No. 7 with an 18-year difference in our ages and she always treated me as the daughter she never had. After her injury in 2010, she was pretty much confined to her home alone 140 miles from me, necessitating my frequent trips to Cleveland to check on her and take care of her needs. Two nephews also helped, but they lived 45 minutes away.

Before her injury, she was involved in numerous activities such as her condo association and Red Cross and was an officer in many of them while also participating in many activities and trips. As her hearing waned, she became less involved and more withdrawn and finally agreed in 2015 to spend the winter with me. While we were vacationing two weeks in California, she agreed to a respite stay at Primrose where I have worked as a part time RN the past seven years.

I knew it would be a perfect place for her with her own apartment, a caring staff, and many other wonderful people with which to associate. And it was only 10 minutes from my home. She seemed to adapt well to her new home, completed a three-month respite stay, and she agreed to stay on as a permanent resident. We moved a lot of her furniture and personal things down from Cleveland and she now refers to Primrose as “my place” and her former condo as” my other place.”

Primrose offers a wide variety of activities and Lucy thoroughly enjoys the crafts. She also enjoys watching Cleveland sports on television and playing word search games.

by Peggy Dinan

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