Shawnee Primrose Residents Visit Eagle Aviary

By | March 23, 2016
A Primrose resident enjoying a Golden Eagle up close

A Primrose resident enjoying a Golden Eagle up close

Recently, residents from Primrose Retirement Community of Shawnee, OK, visited the Citizen Potawatomi Nation (CPN) Eagle Aviary. The CPN Eagle Aviary offers a permanent home to injured eagles who have been rescued from the wild.

Only a few Native American aviaries exist in the United States and this facility is a beautiful example of architecture and natural habitat for the eagles. A running steam flows through the aviary surrounded by boulders and indigenous flora and fauna. The eagles have a misting machine that turns on automatically during the day, which they all enjoy. They wait patiently in their designated misting spots before it even turns on!

The caretakers of the Aviary are members of the Potawatomi Nation. They shared with the residents the special care they provide for the eagles as well as the eagle’s significance to their culture. The Potawatomi respect and honor the eagle as a messenger to the creator. Because they fly so high, they believe the eagle carries their prayers up to their great father.

The aviary is currently home to fourteen American Bald Eagles and one Golden Eagle. Primrose residents enjoyed learning the Potawatomi cultural significance of the eagle as well as getting up close to one of our nation’s most prominent symbols of strength and beauty.

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