Celebrating National Nutrition Month at Zanesville Primrose

By | March 20, 2016
Nancy Argo

Nancy Argo, Zanesville Primrose Dining Services Director

What our residents eat affects their overall health and well-being.  Eating the right foods for the body and mind means more energy to do all the wonderful activities offered at Primrose. Our restaurant-style service means that residents can relax and enjoy their meals which contributes to better digestion.

Primrose has a high standard for our dining services to ensure that our residents are living a happy and healthy lifestyle. We offer a wide variety different food choices throughout the month, and when in season, we focus on providing local and fresh foods – for example:
•    Made to order breakfast
•    Made from scratch food by trained staff that cook with love
•    Choice of beverages
•    Appetizer with all noon meals
•    Dessert with both lunch and dinner
•    Service with a smile

We pride ourselves on our dining experience and are always asking our residents for their feedback and suggestions. We encourage them to share their favorite recipes. We hold a food committee meeting and resident committee meeting monthly for them to share their thoughts.
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