Pueblo Primrose Celebrates National Nutrition Month

By | March 18, 2016
Primrose residents enjoying lunch

A few of our residents at Primrose enjoying their delicious lunch!

Here at Primrose of Pueblo, we focus on good nutrition every day for our residents.

For many of our residents, the pleasure of eating great food is made even better by sharing the dining experience with their friends.  We always encourage our residents to attend the many activities and events going on in our building because they foster new friendships which carry over to dining.

Our restaurant service allows residents to have choices, flexibility, independence, and control over what they choose to eat.  Having attractive silverware and crystal, residents have the opportunity to feel like they are in an elegant restaurant.  Subdued lighting, flowers and comfortable chairs enhance the dining experience.  All of this encourages residents to relax, fellowship with others, and eat a well-balanced meal.

When preparing meals, we consider all food groups.  We ensure that there is enough of a balance in what is served to avoid repeating main dishes too often.  We meet with a dining committee monthly to get feedback on the meals that are being served and we do rounding in the dining rooms to get immediate feedback.  The dining experience is an important one for most people, and we want to be sure we are attentive to the needs of our residents in this area.

A great advantage we have with Primrose is to be able to write our own menus.  We also do plate studies that can tell us if an individual resident is not eating properly.  If we discover that a resident is not eating well, the director of dining follows up with them to see what we can do to improve.  Sometimes it’s as simple as a change in medication or they may not be feeling well and we can give them a lighter meal for the day.

Our goal is to provide a healthy living environment, and nutrition is the basic medicine of life!

For additional information please contact:
Dan Smilloff
Communications Manager
605-226-3300 ext. 3982

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