Celebrating Healthy Senior Lifestyles at Wasilla Primrose

By | March 19, 2016
Wasilla Primrose residents

Primrose residents gather for a 100th birthday party

Experiences with aging will vary from person to person. People who continue to maintain close friendships and interact socially live longer and are happier overall.  There are many benefits to staying social like lower blood presure, potentially reduced risk for Alzheimer’s disease, reduced risk of depression, and many more.

As we age, we need to remain an active part of the community we live in. Social integration is key to staying mentally healthy.  Most seniors want to do more than just keep busy – they want to make a difference – and Primrose strives to provide everyone with opportunities to get involved that meet their interests.

After moving to a new community there is a period of adjustment; but the Life Enrichment Coordinator will be of great assistance in making the transition smooth. They are a good source of information.

Residents showing off their Zumba exercise class shirts

Residents showing off their Zumba exercise class shirts

Staying socially and physically active are important part of healthy aging. Stay active, vibrant, and social!

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