Man's 'Best Friend' Visits Lima Primrose

By | March 7, 2016
Daisy with her handler, Renae, and Primrose resident, Bonnie

Daisy with her handler, Renae, and Primrose resident, Bonnie

Lima, OH, Retirement Communities

Most people are familiar with benefits that animals have on people. Therapy dogs are just one of the ways that seniors enjoy this benefit. Every other Thursday at Primrose of Lima, in the fireside lounge, a BIG dog named Daisy visits. Daisy is a Great Dane.

The residents look forward to seeing both she and her handler Ranae. Daisy especially enjoys one certain resident who never misses a visit with her. Bonnie, the lovely lady in the picture is that certain person. Daisy sees Bonnie and a lap to sit on. We all know that Great Danes are lap dogs. Daisy is a very well behaved puppy; she is just over a year old. She is just one of the Therapy Dogs that come to Primrose.

On March the 1st we are having a group of potential therapy dogs come to meet the Primrose residents. The dogs will meet the residents and become used to a different environment. The dogs and handlers will go through a course in front of the residents and some residents will get to participate. The tester will explain what the dogs have to learn to be able to pass the course. Daisy will be one of the dogs vying for certification. Primrose residents are excited to be a part of this exciting event!

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