Music Day at Kansas City Primrose

By | February 6, 2016
Marian M. conducting the band

Marian M. conducting the band

Kansas City, MO, Retirement Communities

We started the new year off strong with an incredible opportunity to welcome the wind ensemble from Illinois State College to Primrose. One of our residents, Marion, was a graduate of Illinois State college. She studied there are received her degree in education. Marion also has a great love of music and plays the piano here at Primrose anytime she can.

The ensemble had scheduled a tour though the Kansas City area and once they found out that Marion lived here they asked to play for our residents. Early on a Monday morning, thirty members of the band filled up our dining room and gave a fantastic performance! They played for about forty minutes and all they asked for in return was lunch! They even pitched in and helped put our dining room back in order when they were done.

Every student was grateful and loved getting time to interact with the residents. They finished their performance off with the original Star Wars song, and to make Marian feel like she was still a part of the college, they had her conduct! She loved it and was smiling for hours afterwards! It was a true blessing to have them stop by and play for us.

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