Decatur Primrose Residents Find Love in Retirement Living

By | February 4, 2016
Sid Smith and new friend Eleanor Anne Pistorious

Sid Smith and new friend Eleanor Anne Pistorious enjoy a game and warm interactions with fellow residents on a cold winter day at Primrose in Decatur.

Decatur, IL, Retirement Communities

It’s no wonder residents at Primrose Retirement Community in Decatur are smiling and laughing…even when it’s cold outside!

Resident Sid Smith, who moved to Primrose in November of 2015, is glad he decided to come to Primrose before winter. He says “the friendliness of the staff, and that any staff member will help you with what you need is a real advantage.”

In June of 2014, Sid lost his wife of 60 ½ years. “I loved her more than anything, and there is no replacing her.” After her death, Sid didn’t know what the next chapter of his life might bring. He stayed in his home and many aspects of life became more challenging.

At Primrose Sid has found a new life with friends to share meals and other activities, such as concerts and trips. “I’m in love again, you know” Sid remarks, and gives one of his new friends a hug.

A retired engineer at Caterpillar and a veteran Sergeant for the Marine Corp, Sid understands why at Primrose we say “this is living.” It took him just one week living in the Primrose respite suite before he decided that Primrose was where he wanted to stay. “I knew I needed what Primrose had to offer, Sid comments, “and since moving in, I’ve loved every minute.”

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