Sioux Falls Primrose Residents Make Gingerbread Homes

By | February 1, 2016
Primrose residents working hard on their gingerbread homes

Primrose residents working hard on their gingerbread homes

Sioux Falls, SD, Retirement Communities

Some of the Sioux Falls Primrose residents decorated gingerbread homes made of graham crackers. It took some thought and time to come up with the specially decorated homes, and each were on display for visitors to see and to vote for their favorite.

Did you know that the gingerbread house has nothing to do with the Christmas holiday? Children’s story writers, the Brothers Grimm, made them famous in the very popular fairy tale “Hansel & Gretel”. The story features a gingerbread house that some children nibble on before an evil witch catches and imprisons them.

Our residents had a great time decorating the gingerbread homes and eating some of the candy while working so hard on their houses. Virgil said he was happy that he wasn’t building an actual house, because it was hard work!

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