Primrose Resident Reflects on Joyful and Sorrowful Days

By | January 8, 2016
Primrose resident Jeannie Hess

Jeannie Hess, Mansfield Primrose resident

Some days are joyous and some days are sad. It was both as my husband and I were sitting on a curb on the underpass of a busy freeway in Los Angeles. It was hot! We were holding a frail Korean baby that we had adopted through the Holt Adoption Agency in Eugene, Oregon. We had spent a week in Korea getting paper work done, seeing the children in the orphanage and wishing we could adopt all of them. We brought “Matthew” back to the U.S.A on a flying Tiger plane. We were so happy to have him!

While in Los Angeles, waiting to catch a flight home, we were stunned to learn that our president had been shot and killed. It was November 23, 1963. How would that change our lives?

We found some things never change. We were rescued by a couple who were relatives of our friends, the Clarks, in Eugene, Oregon. The Clarks realized we would be stuck because no airlines were flying people out due to the tragedy. They called their friends in Los Angeles, California. These “rescuers” came to the area, found us and took us to their home. We lived with them and their children for three days, until we could get a flight back home. How kind! Only in America!

Two families in two states rescued us. Three days later we flew home to Westerville, Ohio, where friends of our church had been caring for our other three children. Terrible sadness and numerous friendships on the same day. God is good in spite of evil people!

by Jeannie Hess
Mansfield Primrose resident

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