Austin Primrose Residents Visit Nativity House

By | January 6, 2016
Nativity Open House

Nativity Open House

One area that had Nativity Scenes from around the world

One area that had Nativity Scenes from around the world!

Two of the smallest Nativity Scenes

Two of the smallest Nativity Scenes!

Austin, MN, Retirement Communities

Residents from primrose in Austin, MN enjoyed a trip to a local home that invites friends and families from all over to see their nativity scenes. In return the home only asks for everyone to leave a $1.00 donation. The donations go to our local Salvation Army for Christmas.

Residents were more than willing to give a donation to help local families out this Christmas, and were very pleased to tour the home, which displayed a collection of over 850 nativity scenes. The display was amazing there were nativity scenes from all over the country that were either donated or that they purchased on their own.

Some were made out of glass, wood, paper, and even a watermelon seed which was one of the tiniest nativity scene we had ever seen. We had to use a magnify glass in order to see it! We were all in amazement, and when we looked through the magnify glass we could see all the detail.

The nativity scenes filled the home and were displayed with care. We all enjoyed our adventure and hope to help out next year. We cannot wait to see the new nativity scenes that will be added to the collection.

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