Sioux Falls Primrose Veterans Honored

By | January 2, 2016
Sioux Falls Primrose Veterans Honored

On November 11th, 2015, Primrose Retirement Community of Sioux Falls honored 12 of our resident military veterans. It was a very special day for us to honor those who helped fight for our country. Our day began with patriotic songs an interesting presentation about the history of Veteran’s Day. Bill Arvan, who is a Marine Veteran, and Staff Sergeant Eric Toftely explained the Marine Uniform and the history of the United States Marine Corps, which is celebrating its 240th birthday this year. We also recognized the Army, Navy, and the Airforce.

The program ended with the singing of God Bless America and a public display of the memorabilia that the veterans brought to share. After the program a special meal of pulled pork sandwiches, cheesy hash brown potatoes, German blend vegetables, and red white, and blue cake was served. Everyone enjoyed the meal and social time. What a great day!

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