Enjoying Life with the Primrose Rosettes

By | May 10, 2010
Red Hatters at Primrose luncheonRed Hatters at Primrose
Primrose Rosettes

Council Bluffs, Iowa, Primrose: One group of seniors who enjoy their time together is the Red Hatters. The Red Hatters have ten fabulous members as well as an honorary visiting member and Laura, the Life Enrichment Coordinator at the Council Bluffs Primrose Retirement Community.

The group is part of the national Red Hat Society and is listed as the Primrose Rosettes with the national registrar. For each monthly meeting, the group enjoys a specially prepared breakfast and members of the group alternate in decorating the table. As part of the meetings, each member is invited to speak about something they wish to share with the group. Additionally, each member of the group takes turns choosing a restaurant to dine at once a month. As part of the Red Hat Society, they never leave without their red and purple attire!

The Primrose Rosettes are also active in their local community. During the holidays, the Rosettes’ collected canned goods that were delivered to a local shelter. Fun is also a big part of the agenda and as one of the activities, members give each other a pair of socks for the season — with warm feet come warm hearts! Now that spring has sprung, the Primrose Rosettes have a special gardening area that will be blooming with red & purple flowers!

The Red Hatters are just one example of the fun and social lives that seniors at Primrose enjoy. The members of this club have formed very close friendships and all of them look forward to their meetings together. The group even has its own poem:

The Red Hats of Primrose are a wonderful bunch.
We dress in red hats and go out to lunch!
Carmen is our Queen, her favorite color is purple,
Doris is always on the go, you’d think she could jump hurdles!
Flo is spunky who has a quick wit,
Flossie and Mary are the athletic ones who are physically fit!
Rosella and Barb are sweethearts, good friends they do make,
And we welcome Katherine – our newest namesake!
And who could forget Ardy, her humor so funny,
These ladies are red hatters; the best around – honey!

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