Lancaster Primrose Residents Enjoy Buckeye Lake Winery

By | November 9, 2015
Primrose residents enjoying their trip to the lake

Primrose residents enjoying their trip to the lake

Lancaster, OH, Retirement Communities

Lancaster residents recently visited the Buckeye Lake Winery one afternoon for lunch. A few of the residents that went recall the fun times they had at the lake. As we were taking a driving tour of the lake, Primrose resident, Louretta, was reminiscing about the time she had spent there as a child. Her parents would rent a house on Custer’s Point for 2 weeks out of the summer. It was something that she and her family looked forward to doing every summer. She recalls riding “The Dips” rollercoaster. When Louretta was an adult she would go to the “Crystal Ballroom and the Pier Ballroom” to listen and dance to the music of Glen Miller, Louis Armstrong and Tommy Dorsey among other big band names.

Another resident recalls hitchhiking from Lancaster to the lake so her and a friend could go dancing. “Back then we didn’t have to worry about anything bad happening to us, we just did it because we loved to dance.”

Those by-gone times may be in the past, but everyone agreed it was an enjoyable trip down memory lane and fun to experience the Winery at the Lake.

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