Lancaster Primrose Residents Enjoy Mud Boggin'

By | October 7, 2015
Louretta and Bob

Louretta and Bob moments before being covered in mud!

Lancaster, OH, Retirement Communities

The residents of the Primrose in Lancaster had a one of a kind experience this summer! Thanks to our maintenance director, Jeff Rhymer, we had the pleasure of attending our very first mud bog. What is a mud bog you ask? Let’s just say none of us really knew what we were getting ourselves into until we got there!

When we first arrived, the first thing we saw was an extremely long runway made up entirely of mud. The residents were ready to drive the Primrose bus through it, but we decided to watch the professionals try it first. Jeff managed to get us celebrity seating under a tent right on the side of the raceway. We were sure we had hit the jackpot! He explained to us, the goal of each mud bog racer is to get their truck through the mud pit with the fastest time.

When the first truck’s engine started, we could hardly contain our excitement. As we sat on the edge of our seats, the humongous truck flew by us at lightning speed and before we knew what had even happened we were covered from head to toe with mud! Not just a couple splats here and there, COVERED.

We were all silent for at least thirty seconds along with everyone else surrounding us waiting to see our reactions. Slowly, we started giggling, and then chuckling, and by the time the trucks were done driving through the pit, our stomachs hurt so badly from laughing we weren’t even hungry when it came time to eat!

Although it was pushing 90 degrees, we stayed for almost two hours watching the trucks, meeting the drivers, mingling with the other spectators, and enjoying each other’s company.

We finally managed to wash all of the mud out of our clothes, hair, and bodies, but the memories will last forever! We can’t wait to do it again next year.

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