Manicures and Bracelets at Austin Primrose

By | August 18, 2015
Ladies showing off their bracelets and nails

Ladies showing off their bracelets and nails

Austin, MN, Retirement Communities

The Austin Primrose has been lucky this summer because several of the neighborhood kids have asked to come in and volunteer during their summer break. Today, we had two fourth graders help the Life Enrichment Coordinator with manicures. Our residents were pampered by getting their fingernails trimmed and filed, and then the young volunteers helped to paint the residents’ fingernails.

To top off the pampering, the residents shared their favorite colors with the volunteers who then made them each two bracelets made from colored rubber bands called looms.

We were all amazed at how fast the girls could make the bracelets, and how beautiful they looked. Near the end of the get-together, the residents invited them to come next week to show them how to make other styles of bracelets.

The girls agreed and asked if they could help with manicures again. Both parties had fun and cannot wait for next week. The residents showed off their nails and bracelets during lunch.

Primrose residents really enjoy when the younger generation takes time out of their busy schedule to spend time with them. Volunteers have come to play games, Wii, walk, crafts, and some have even came in on parlor day to help serve ice cream. Some also come on Sundays to serve for the summer. The volunteers really have fun hanging out with Austin, MN residents at Primrose.

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