Stillwater Primrose Residents Go Ziplining

By | August 11, 2015
Resident Keith McElwain

Primrose resident Keith McElwain, 90 years old, gave us a big smile before he began his journey to the top of the zip line.

Keith McElwain

Keith amazed us all by climbing the pole!

Nancy Luce

Nancy Luce getting interviewed by Oklahoma City’s Channel 9 TV

Nancy Luce

Nancy Luce zip lining down the 300 foot line

Resident Rich

Resident Rich jumping off the 25 foot platform.

Stillwater, OK, Retirement Communities

A beautiful morning in Stillwater, Oklahoma to go Zip Lining! Resident Nancy Luce loves a fun adrenaline rush! In August of 2014, Nancy jumped out of an airplane and went sky diving at the age of 83. She has been crossing many things off of her bucket list; one of them being zip lining now. As she zip lined down, Nancy was heard yelling, “HOT DIGITY DOG!” Another resident, Richard Humphries climbed up the pole like a pro and rushed down the line! He gave a big thumbs up afterward and said he enjoyed himself. Finally, 90-year-old Keith McElwain climbed up the pole and said the scariest part of it all was just having courage to jump off the tall platform. Colonel Keith served in three wars and stated that putting on the harness to zip line brought back memories to putting on parachute harnesses and jumping out of planes. All three residents had a wonderful time.

Camp Redlands, part of their Oklahoma State University Outdoor Recreation Department, hosted our zip lining trip. When Emma, the Life Enrichment Coordinator, first contacted Outdoor Adventure at Oklahoma State, they were thrilled to have interest from Primrose! They have never had seniors come out to Camp Redlands and do any of their challenge courses, let alone the zip line! Many of our residents jumped in our van to observe our two daring residents. When we arrived at Camp Redlands, there were many people with the media assembled there. We had Channel 9 from Oklahoma City, The Newspress from Stillwater, Oklahoma State TV, and representatives from Oklahoma State Wellness.

With interest from other residents that had previous plans and could not attend, Stillwater Primrose plans on taking another trip out to Camp Redlands. Who knows? Maybe this will turn into an annual trip for our residents!

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